Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Letter For You

To My Dear Tropic Bear,

As you come to this hour of day, I'm so proud of you! You have made it a whole twelve hours without me :D *huggies* And so did I, where's my hugs? :P

I can survive with not seeing you but not talking to you??? Ohh I just found a way to commit suicide. Ahhh I'm so nervous I don't know what I'm talking about.

Okay, lets get straight to the point. As I'm writing this, I'll share with you my feelings before I depart.


It's three days before my departure, making our distance even further. Today, I dreamt about receiving a letter that you said someone told me we aren't gonna make through due to the 8 hours difference of time zone but you told me it's not gonna be so. I wonder how are we gonna be like later on? Will I still get to talk to you often? I remember the day when you left, when I waved goodbye to you in the airport, I thought our chats were gonna reduce but I'm so grateful it didn't. In fact, we got closer to each other. I hope we will too after I have left.

I also read a star today about us rushing from Mid Valley. You said you smile just thinking of that. Dear, did you know, when you held my hand running and reassuring me that we will make it there on time, I thought to myself 'if we could make it through this, we will make it through anything.' I don't know why I had that thought but I still believe so till now.



Two days left. I went out with my friends for a farewell. I came back being hyper and you were happy seeing me that way :) The farewell was in a familiar place where we both dated before. Seeing the places reminded me so much of you. Absence really do make the heart grows fonder.

Later in the night, I felt very sensitive about something you said. I know it was just me being extra sensitive and emo but you being you would always know how to comfort me and never blame me for feeling that way. You are such an understanding and sweet guy, my dear. If there's one thing on earth that I cannot afford to lose, it's definitely you.



One day left to leave you even further away. Frankly, talking to you so much made me only sink into reality today that I'm really leaving, leaving to a place where there will be 8 hours of difference in time. I wonder how do you feel now dear? You seem to be happy that I can finally go out there and see the world.

One more day, dear. Yet, it would be a step closer to the moment where I can see you again. I'll always look forward to the time when we could meet each other again. You once said it was worth waiting for it and I know what that really means now.


I hope you don't find this post earlier. As this post was really meant for you to read when I'm not around for you to chat with. Hope you would have a good day tomorrow when I depart. Do know that even when I'm not talking to you, my mind still thinks of you and my heart still longs for you. I love you with all my heart.

*hugs and kisses*

From Your Baby Doggie.

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