Saturday, December 26, 2009

It Has Been Six Months, My Dear

Dear Tropic Bear,

As I'm typing this, you are now driving home (not speeding, I hope).

Thank you for today and the past six months. It has been truly wonderful to spend my time with you. All those doubt and hesitation I had when you first took my hand have proven themselves to be worthless as every moment spend with you is a beautiful moment.

Sometimes I do wonder whether we will last in the future. The future seems full of hope if we continue to make efforts to see each other and value our time with each other just like what we do now.

Thank you for all your love and care. It feels great to be loved and to love. To put it in your words, 'it feels so nice to be sayang-ed'.

Frankly, my stomach ache today put me in fear that I will ruin my date with you today. What if we don't enjoy ourselves at the end? What if you coming all the way from home is wasted? At one point, I felt really bad and wanted to go home, so that I wouldn't ruin the day further.

But then you were so caring and loving that I can't bring myself to do that. So I told myself, since I'm here already, I might as well not care anymore and just go with the flow.

True enough, every moment spent with you is special regardless of what we do or whether we planned them anot. Just me sitting on your lap talking about your friends on facebook, just us opening each other's present when the rain was pouring heavily outside, just us shopping for your clothes etc seems to be enjoyable somehow.

Perhaps this is love. Love makes everything enjoyable between two people regardless of what they do. Love makes the suffer and torture (of stomach pain in this case :P) more bearable.

Thank you for everything, my dear. I look forward to spending my future decades with you.

Yours truly,

Friday, December 25, 2009

X'mas & A Day Away From 6 Months

Hi Doggie,

I'm writing this while watching you fall asleep, it's been 1 day till 6 months since your cute head lie on my shoulder on the bench :) and i still enjoy seeing you go to bed whenever the opportunity allows me to!

Ahh how time flies in the past half a year, 2009 comes to an end and this marks the halfway flag of to our anniversary <3 Everyday I ask myself whether this is the relationship I want to be in, and everyday I get the same answer. I Love You Doggie.

Hopefully some day we can be together everyday under the same roof, looking out for each other, sharing hugs and kisses. But for the moment, I'm just contented to be with this special girl that I really think I love very much. Shhh... don't tell anyone but i really really really think that i love this girl alot <3 Hopefully she doesn't hear this :P

*Huggies* Merry X'mas

And Half an Anniversary too! <3 <3

From Tropic Bear =)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Long Distance Relationship <3

Today, I heard a girl talking about relationship.

'Long distance relationship is so torturing. You feel like breaking up but you can't because you still love him. If you don't break up, you feel tortured because he's so far away.'

And then, I realised I can't relate to her experience though I'm having a long distance relationship as well. Never did I feel tortured (perhaps only lately due to the overwhelming feelings since meeting Tropic Bear is only one week away T_T - emoticon of the growth of the missing feeling, not sadness).

Tropic Bear must be the reason why this is so. He was always a call away. He was always there for me. Never did I feel alone.

I hope this feeling lasts. It has lasted for 3 months after all.


Digressing. Here's my comment on a blogger's negative view about love:

Frankly, I had a very bad experience too. My ex was one moment cold one moment hot. He was like a typical example for your blog post. After I broke up with him, I was so hurt and thought that guys were all like that as well as you said.

But then, he came along. Unexpectedly. He wasn't anything like you said. He remembers every memory we hold, every moment we had. He cares, he cherishes, he appreciates.

This sounds so impossible but he himself was a rationalist who sneered at other relationships until he met me. And I was disappointed and dejected in relationships until I met him again.

I believe that love comes along unexpectedly. There will be one guy out there who comes along in your life whom you will willingly give up any guys to settle with ONE guy.

From, Doggie

Tropic Bear Can't Wait! <3

Hi Doggie,

5 more days I keep telling myself, 5 more days.

As the day approaches, time seems to past slower. Haven't had more than 5 hours of continuous sleep since I cme back. Sowee for being busy with all the gatherings too. But I'll make it up by not sleeping at night for you Doggie :)

Waiting for you to be back still :D

And by that I mean both after your dinner and also back in my arms <3 <3

Tropic Bear,
Jump Jump Jump :P

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Doggie Had A Long Day

Hi! :) I had such a long Monday today. It's 11pm now and I feel like heading to bed but I can't sleep now! I must finish my work so that I have time to talk to Tropic Bear tomorrow!

Ganbatte ganbatte *motivates self*

From, Doggie

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm Really Sorry :(

Dear Doggie,

I'm sorry. Period.

No excuse for how I forgot or woke up but dozed off again. The main point was i made a mistake and I should take responsibility. Forgiveness won't come easily and I understand that but hopefully I'll be able to make it up to you because even the thought of losing you is too hard to bare.

The trust you place on me is more than you have ever trusted anyone else, and for that I appreciate it. I'm the guy you want to be looking after you and not disappointing you. I hope you can forgive me for my mistakes and more importantly I'll learn from them. Each time I hurt you, I still remember deep down in my heart not to commit the same mistake again. Because it feels equally painful seeing you cry my dear :'(

From the first time I hurt you in UM, when I tried hurrying you. Till today, the incident is fresh in my mind hoping to avoid making the same mistake again. I don't hurry you anymore because I know you don't like it. The last time we met, I made an even bigger mistake of losing myself. That, till now I don't forgive myself. I wish I could turn back time to change things, but then again it is impossible.

Across the years, I'll make mistakes big and small, but when I do please tell me dear. Because I want to be a better guy for you. The one that knows what to do in every situation to turn a sad face into a smiley one. To make you happier on so many occasions that you don't remember the sad ones. I hope to learn from what I have done wrong and change.

I make mistakes too dear, but I'll keep changing just for you.
Please forgive me.

A Very Sorry Tropic Bear.

P.s. I'll call you when I settle down at about after your lunch time dear. Don't worry I'll keep you updated constantly <3

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hi! :)

Suddenly felt that there was nothing to do after all those busy days. There are work but I didn't want to start anything new because it will be half done before I go to bed in half an hour's time and I'm quite tired to do anything anyway and...

*tries to find more excuses*

Just thought I would update this blog! :) I love tropic bear! :)

And I'm missing him right now.

How do you feel when you met someone who knows you inside out, who knows your every laughter, who can tell you are sad from your tone etc?

How would you describe it?

Because that's exactly how I feel.