Sunday, September 13, 2009

Doggie meets Tropic Bear on 4/9 (2)

After breakfast, we headed to Tropic Bear's brother's house to take a break. I met Tropic Bear's brother. I said 'Hi!' very cheerfully with my hand-waving action! His brother looked as if he was suppressing his smile that says that I looked childish. Okay, maybe I was thinking too much.

We rested a while and then headed off to meet someone together! I can't mention who this guy is but he's one of people that indirecty brings Tropic Bear and Doggie together, so it felt like an amazing moment!

We took public transport together. Having Tropic Bear's hand in mine makes me feel safe and secure even though I rarely take public transport. It felt like Tropic Bear is all that I need to keep my world safe.

I was late for the appointment :( Earlier on, Tropic Bear kept reassuring me that we won't be late. So it's Tropic Bear's fault xD

Thankfully, he (the person, not Tropic Bear) didn't mind much about it. We had a very inspiring chat. I was very impressed in fact! I asked Tropic Bear what he thought and he said 'ohhh quite good but not to the level of being impressive' nonchalantly. And then I kept convincing him it was impressive.

We then headed back to his brother's house again and took a break before getting lunch. An incident occured in which Tropic Bear forced me to do something I didn't want. I felt he didn't respect my decision. He promised he will never do so again and felt so guilty. I forgave him at that point.

However, after we bought lunch (the lunch was so late it became dinner), I didn't feel alright after recalling the incident. I couldn't get over it. I cried while he was driving and several times, he said he wanted to stop the car at the side on the highway to discuss about it. It was the first time Tropic Bear saw me crying.

At that time, I couldn't convince myself that it was alright he broke his promise because I have trusted him all this while. Did that mean he will break his other promises as well? And also, I realised that even though so, I forgave him because I love him but that doesn't mean I'm over it. I also felt bad for feeling that way again because we seemed to have resolve the issue earlier on..

Tropic Bear looked so scary to me when he said 'so have you forgiven me?' with his frustrated tone.

I later on fell asleep in the car, woke up to realise that I was covered by a jacket. We have not reached our destination because there was a massive trafic jam.

Tropic Bear hasn't eaten till this point. Poor bear..

We reached the mall and I was having stomach pain (probably gastric). Tropic Bear bought me a hot chocolate and we sat down to talk in the cafe. We had a very good heart-to-heart talk about the incident. Tropic Bear held my hands when he talked. He said he didn't want to be remembered this way and hopefully we will have a good day tomorrow.

Lunch was dinner, so we skipped a meal! We went to the hotel later on and Tropic Bear bought us cakes as supper. We bathed then chatted on the bed while eating our delicious cakes xD We stayed up a little later on and went to sleep to start a brand new day tomorrow.

PS: It was also today we crossed the line that we drew the previous time.

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