Sunday, September 6, 2009

Doggie meets Tropic Bear on 4/9 (1)

Because I believe every moment spent with Tropic Bear is a memorable moment, hence I'll blog about every bit of them! :)

The day started with Tropic Bear flying from one country to my country and later picked me up at my place. Not having a good sleep beforehand, I overslept (luckily not a lot!). When he called, I quickly rushed to get myself ready to meet him.

I find it quite funny because I was so excited to meet him (you know counting down the hours) and I actually missed the timing by a few minutes ><

He spammed my sms inbox beforehand. The sms that I remembered most was 'ahhh so excited to see you!! :D traffic jam here =.='

The first minute when I saw tropic bear, he was sitting on the same place where we used to have our chats. Have you felt like you don't know what to feel? I felt that way because it felt so unreal to see Tropic Bear in front of me. For all the time, we haven't been meeting often and seeing him most of the times were on video calls. When he was there, it felt very much like seeing your movie superstar jumping out of the screen.

We later on went for breakfast. Trying to figure out GPS could sometimes be so annoying. We couldn't find the place and we were both hungry. Hence, we went to a nearby restaurant.

Tropic Bear asked the waiter whether the soft-boiled eggs that is in the menu set can be changed to hard-boiled ones. How cute <3 I watched as the waiter shaked his head.

I can't exactly remember how breakfast went on. As I recall the morning, I don't know why everything seems so blur in memory. Maybe I should get some sleep now. I'll continue the day some other time! :)

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