Thursday, September 3, 2009

Together Forever?

My Dear Tropic Bear,

In just a matter of hours, you will be reaching soon. Let me tell you something frankly okie?

I'm afraid :(

I'm afraid that we will not be 'together forever' due to the distance :(

Sigh. Distance doesn't scare me. It's the thought of not being with you. I never had that fear as much because.. I never really care whether I was together forever with others or not.

But this is different. It's you, my dear. And I really hope so.

I read M's blog about how she broke up with her boyfriend of four years whom she thought she was gonna marry some day. They didn't make it through.

Will we, dear? I know you placed 100% faith in this. I know how you feel about me. Sometimes, when I said I'm amazed how much love you have for me, I really do because deep inside my heart, I have the same amount for you too.

I sometimes wonder why based on these few months, we are already so certain of each other. But the joy with you is just so indescribable, like nothing else in the world matters except you. Will we still feel the same way, say five years down the road? Will we?

Okay. Let's talk about happy stuff! You are coming to my place in a couple of hours time. I can't waittttt :D :D :D

It's gonna be a good day tomorrow <3

Love you very muchie,

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