Saturday, October 3, 2009



Today, was the first time you told me something that truly hurt me. I never thought those words would come out of you, after all we have been through. Maybe I have been possessive, or perhaps asking a little too much out of you.

All I wanted was just to talk, that was why I waited everyday for the whole week to call you. Maybe it was the wait that made me impatient. Or perhaps the lack of sleep contributed to me being demanding. When you said those words this morning, it came to me that how much it hurts to hear you say it. I'm trying my best to make it work and maybe it still isn't enough.

Perhaps I might have done something wrong that I don't even realize. If only you would tell me what I did wrong and let me correct it. I would work even harder to make sure this works. I truly love you and I still do.

There was once a certain someone asked me what would I do if you told me that you didn't want this anymore. My answer was firm that I would double my efforts to keep you around me. That was 3 months ago, what was the answer then it still hasn't changed.

I have missed you so much darling, maybe it's because you are occupied with a new life you don't realize how much I'm missing you right now. But deep down i hope you still do and I know that those words you said were words of frustration. Yet, it still hurts.

I Love You darling, I hope you still do.

Tropic Bear :'(

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