Monday, September 7, 2009

Tropic Bear Meets Doggie on 4/9 (1)

3 days ago tropic bear went on an adventure to meet doggie! A week before meeting doggie he already was very excited and bugged doggie about their weekend plans everyday. So on Thursday night, he flew from one country to another just so he could see her.

When he was stuck in the airport, he managed to steal internet and turn on msn :) Even though tropic bear was meeting doggie in a few hours, he just couldn't resist talking to doggie again. They talked for a while but doggie was about to leave home for her big day !

Tropic bear missed doggie so dearly, he woke up almost 2 hours before the time they were supposed to meet. He bathed and groomed himself, hopefully to impress doggie this time around. He actually left for doggie's place an hour early and called her several times but there was no response.

Anxiety started worrying tropic bear, what if doggie overslept by 2 hours ? What could he do to wake her up ? Lucky for him doggie called him just a few minutes late and things went smoothly after that <3

When first seeing doggie, tropic bear was feeling so much emotions. Try understanding how seeing the doggie you love so much almost everyday but not being able to hug it, touch it or feel it. The moment tropic bear saw doggie, all the emotions came back and reminded him of how doggie changed his life half a year ago <3 <3

We shall resume this post when tropic bear is in a better state of mind. Due to sleep deprivation and a possible Bear Flu, tropic bear will resume when he doesn't feel so sick xD

Tropic Bear,

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