Friday, December 25, 2009

X'mas & A Day Away From 6 Months

Hi Doggie,

I'm writing this while watching you fall asleep, it's been 1 day till 6 months since your cute head lie on my shoulder on the bench :) and i still enjoy seeing you go to bed whenever the opportunity allows me to!

Ahh how time flies in the past half a year, 2009 comes to an end and this marks the halfway flag of to our anniversary <3 Everyday I ask myself whether this is the relationship I want to be in, and everyday I get the same answer. I Love You Doggie.

Hopefully some day we can be together everyday under the same roof, looking out for each other, sharing hugs and kisses. But for the moment, I'm just contented to be with this special girl that I really think I love very much. Shhh... don't tell anyone but i really really really think that i love this girl alot <3 Hopefully she doesn't hear this :P

*Huggies* Merry X'mas

And Half an Anniversary too! <3 <3

From Tropic Bear =)

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