Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm Really Sorry :(

Dear Doggie,

I'm sorry. Period.

No excuse for how I forgot or woke up but dozed off again. The main point was i made a mistake and I should take responsibility. Forgiveness won't come easily and I understand that but hopefully I'll be able to make it up to you because even the thought of losing you is too hard to bare.

The trust you place on me is more than you have ever trusted anyone else, and for that I appreciate it. I'm the guy you want to be looking after you and not disappointing you. I hope you can forgive me for my mistakes and more importantly I'll learn from them. Each time I hurt you, I still remember deep down in my heart not to commit the same mistake again. Because it feels equally painful seeing you cry my dear :'(

From the first time I hurt you in UM, when I tried hurrying you. Till today, the incident is fresh in my mind hoping to avoid making the same mistake again. I don't hurry you anymore because I know you don't like it. The last time we met, I made an even bigger mistake of losing myself. That, till now I don't forgive myself. I wish I could turn back time to change things, but then again it is impossible.

Across the years, I'll make mistakes big and small, but when I do please tell me dear. Because I want to be a better guy for you. The one that knows what to do in every situation to turn a sad face into a smiley one. To make you happier on so many occasions that you don't remember the sad ones. I hope to learn from what I have done wrong and change.

I make mistakes too dear, but I'll keep changing just for you.
Please forgive me.

A Very Sorry Tropic Bear.

P.s. I'll call you when I settle down at about after your lunch time dear. Don't worry I'll keep you updated constantly <3

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