Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Long Distance Relationship <3

Today, I heard a girl talking about relationship.

'Long distance relationship is so torturing. You feel like breaking up but you can't because you still love him. If you don't break up, you feel tortured because he's so far away.'

And then, I realised I can't relate to her experience though I'm having a long distance relationship as well. Never did I feel tortured (perhaps only lately due to the overwhelming feelings since meeting Tropic Bear is only one week away T_T - emoticon of the growth of the missing feeling, not sadness).

Tropic Bear must be the reason why this is so. He was always a call away. He was always there for me. Never did I feel alone.

I hope this feeling lasts. It has lasted for 3 months after all.


Digressing. Here's my comment on a blogger's negative view about love:

Frankly, I had a very bad experience too. My ex was one moment cold one moment hot. He was like a typical example for your blog post. After I broke up with him, I was so hurt and thought that guys were all like that as well as you said.

But then, he came along. Unexpectedly. He wasn't anything like you said. He remembers every memory we hold, every moment we had. He cares, he cherishes, he appreciates.

This sounds so impossible but he himself was a rationalist who sneered at other relationships until he met me. And I was disappointed and dejected in relationships until I met him again.

I believe that love comes along unexpectedly. There will be one guy out there who comes along in your life whom you will willingly give up any guys to settle with ONE guy.

From, Doggie

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