Saturday, December 26, 2009

It Has Been Six Months, My Dear

Dear Tropic Bear,

As I'm typing this, you are now driving home (not speeding, I hope).

Thank you for today and the past six months. It has been truly wonderful to spend my time with you. All those doubt and hesitation I had when you first took my hand have proven themselves to be worthless as every moment spend with you is a beautiful moment.

Sometimes I do wonder whether we will last in the future. The future seems full of hope if we continue to make efforts to see each other and value our time with each other just like what we do now.

Thank you for all your love and care. It feels great to be loved and to love. To put it in your words, 'it feels so nice to be sayang-ed'.

Frankly, my stomach ache today put me in fear that I will ruin my date with you today. What if we don't enjoy ourselves at the end? What if you coming all the way from home is wasted? At one point, I felt really bad and wanted to go home, so that I wouldn't ruin the day further.

But then you were so caring and loving that I can't bring myself to do that. So I told myself, since I'm here already, I might as well not care anymore and just go with the flow.

True enough, every moment spent with you is special regardless of what we do or whether we planned them anot. Just me sitting on your lap talking about your friends on facebook, just us opening each other's present when the rain was pouring heavily outside, just us shopping for your clothes etc seems to be enjoyable somehow.

Perhaps this is love. Love makes everything enjoyable between two people regardless of what they do. Love makes the suffer and torture (of stomach pain in this case :P) more bearable.

Thank you for everything, my dear. I look forward to spending my future decades with you.

Yours truly,

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