Thursday, February 25, 2010

Growing old :)

Today, when I was in the bus, I saw an old couple. And by old, I mean that they are probably in their seventies, having loads of white hair and wrinkled face. They could be heading somewhere since the man was having a luggage with him.

It then came to me that being with someone and subsequently saying yes to having a lifetime with him/her would mean growing old with this person. It means still loving that person, willing to stick to him/her regardless of what he/she has become. After all, when beauty fades away, when one becomes all wrinkley, when the energy and enthusiasm has all been sucked out due to old age, what's left is what's within.

And love helps us to see what's within when everything on the outer has faded away.

Now, who said love is blind? Maybe love has that extra pair of eyes that we just didn't know.

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