Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy 20th Birthday My Dear! :)

When it was my birthday, you made me feel like it was the only birthday I ever wanted.
Now that it's yours I hope it feels just as special and equally happy to you, from me.
As a lover, I would try to please you and give you what you wanted.
But as a boyfriend, what I give are things that you lack, things that you need.
Right now what you need is a birthday where there are people around you. Celebrating your 20th birthday all around you.

You have had roses.
Also ate chocolates.
Hugged a stuffed dog too.
But what I gave, even though I'm not around,
will make sure that on this very day you will at least smile :)

I hope you will like it.
Though it cannot be kept.
But someday when you think back,
in your mind this thought from me will most certainly be well kept! <3

Love you darling,
Happy Birthday to you again <3

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