Monday, February 8, 2010

Absence Makes The Heart Fonder

Dear Doggie,

It has been a very difficult week for me, my hard disk crashed and I lost our memories. The adventure book that was intended for you, with all the little notes you gave me when missing :'(
How I wish those 2 items would come back...

Now when you are in camp, I don't have photos of you to keep me company. When you are busy with activities, there no longer are little notes for me to paste in your adventure book. Worst of all, the little memories of our chat conversations, which i treasure most are no longer with me. T_T

If there is one thing that comforts me, it's the thought of you telling me we'll make new ones. That i'm very sure of too. But those memories mean a lot to me dear, because when you are at camp they always keep me company. The crazy pictures, of a little doggie <3

I love you doggie, more than you can imagine. Never have I felt this way before. And never will anyone make me feel love the same way again.

After all, you are the last person I'll be loving this lifetime.

Mishheee you dear <3

Tropic Bear, Rawr!
Because he misses you :'(

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