Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy 7 Months Together, My Dear

Dear Tropic Bear,

As I'm typing this, there's only an hour more (in my time zone) to us being 7 months together while you are still asleep since it's 7 am for you.

It's 7 months together, my dear. Seven freaking months. It seems so little at the same time it seems so much. It felt little because I could still vividly remember our first month together. You called me a day earlier by mistake. I could still remember that grin that glowed in you when we succeeded going through one month because you proved to me one month of long distance relationship was possible.

At the same time, it seems so much as we have been through so much things together. From being tickled by fishes in fish spa to ice-skating together, we have had so much beautiful memories.

It's seven months already, dear. Having you seems to be growing in me already. My feelings towards you have changed since we got together. There was something extra incorporated in our relationship now. You have become like air to me. Having you everyday has becoming something like a habit. The morning talks have become a routine in our relationship. I'm sure you agree on this. Telling each other about our day is something I already know that will happen everyday.

It's just like air.. it's there everyday.. Just like you. You would always be there for me.

And I know, just like air, if I would one day lose you, it would hurt so much I would feel like killing myself.

That's why no matter how tired I am, I learnt that there will still be a part of me that longs to talk to you, even though I could just be too tired to talk to you. Maybe it was for a reason. Maybe it was for a million of reasons. Maybe it's just plainly because I want to hear your voice before I head to bed.

Crap, I'm crying right now. How silly of me.

Deep down, I know that I miss you more than I can ever imagine. That is why I avoid thinking about our memories, avoid looking at our photos etc. Handling the feeling of missing you while not talking is bad enough, what's more while you are not even here.

I hope all these sacrifices will prove worth it in the end.

You said I thought you how to love someone. My dear, you taught me how to love someone so deeply too.

You taught me how to be a better person. You are the big brother, the boyfriend, the best friend, the teacher etc. You are everything to me.

Thank you for your love, my darling. Happy 7 months together and more to come!

PS. I Love You

Love Loads,

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