Sunday, January 10, 2010


It has been 3 days since you left for London and now everything starts all over again. The letters, the midnight calls and the time difference waiting for you to wake up <3

The reason why yesterday I asked you to join your friends to play games instead of talking wasn't because I didn't miss you. In fact I missed you more than ever, especially being alone in the room. But I knew that you needed to join your friends to feel less lonely. Remember in UM when tropic bear was having orientation, you joined loads of activities to keep yourself occupied for the first few weeks.

I want that for doggie too, to be able to go out with your friends and have fun. I don't want to hold you back keeping you in tears just for me. Hopefully in time you won't feel so much pain every time you think of me but still hold on tight to those memories of you and me.

*hugs* Wish you were here beside me too, but I know that won't be true for at least the next few months. But I'll wait for you I promise you doggie <3

Tropic Bear <3

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