Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Random :)

Hi again!

Lately I haven't been writing posts due to the impending finals which take up half of my time and the other half is reserved for doggie :) Doggie went out today for shopping and hopefully she'll buy something ( at least 1 item ) Hehe :P

Okaaayyy tropic bear suddenly sounds very greedy.. Anyway the gift tropic bear has in mind for her now sits waiting to be delivered, after all the red tape has been settled. Yay! Hopefully doggie will like it (she probably will) after all even I want it for myself. Just didn't had the heart to buy it all this while!

Anyway things are getting a little busy these days for tropic bear with all the honey-eating, tree-climbing and hunting to do. Haha! Gotcha right there :)

Enough of the small talk, main point of this post : Happy 4 months darling! <3

Tropic Bear

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