Sunday, August 30, 2009

That Sense Of Admiration

Yes, the blog's title isn't called A sense of admiration. Instead, it's THAT sense of admiration. It's the special sense of admiring Tropic Bear.

Today, I was ranting to Tropic Bear about my problems, expecting only a pair of ears because just having someone to listen to you makes a world of difference.

Tropic Bear did better than that. He gave me advice. Very sensible advice.

He also told me about his thoughts which were really deep and stood out from what normal people think of.

Listening to his advice makes me realised how fortunate I am to find a guy who's sensible and loving at the same time. Not many people can be rational and emotional. Tropic Bear is equipped with both.

And at the point, I felt this whole new sense of admiration for him.

PS: About the last entry, I felt slightly hurt over that. However, I fit in his shoes and thought about how exhausted he was (poor him!). He's accompanying me tonight, so I guess that made up for it. Teehee.

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