Saturday, August 29, 2009

Is all these worth it?

I've been searching for something. Well, I can't say what it is but lets' call it, say a table.

So, I have been searching for a table, any table will do ever since I completed my high school studies but with no luck. I did my pre-u and still no luck.

Now, how interested am I to search for this table? I frankly wonder. Today I got a slap (not literally) about me not putting in enough effort in my search for it.

Is it true? In fact, I'm also starting to wonder if I'm worth to be the owner of the table.

Now, with no table, will I look back one day, say ten years down the line and think, 'thank goodness I couldn't find a table back then. It would have rob an opportunity in present time.' Will I?

I don't know. It's too hard to tell where the future lies. And it doesn't help that I'm starting to doubt myself.

I can't stand the pressure anymore. I don't know what I'm typing. Gonna talk to Tropic Bear now. Bye.

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