Sunday, August 30, 2009


Feeling guilty can come in many ways.

It doesn't take you to cheat on your other half to feel it, neither do you need to have an unnecessary argument with doggie. Sometimes, when one is tired, we tend to regret the things that we do.

Last night was the day doggie created this blog, it felt so sweet when doggie told me about it. Unfortunately at that time doggie was busy, so I tried waiting for her to finish what she was doing. Tiredness overcame me and I couldn't go on waiting anymore, right now I wish I did.

I'm sowee doggie, a couple of hours later guilt engulfed me. Realization struck me that how insensitive I was towards your feelings. Sometimes tropic bear tries very hard to be the perfect partner but fails miserably.

And right now, he feels miserable. Will you forgive him?

A Bear That Loves You Dearly,
Tropic Bear

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